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What’s New?

We are now taking expressions of interest for the Equine Shiatsu Diploma course which will commence in September 2018.  This highly successful course has been enhanced and now includes an additional 6 ‘post-graduate’ modules. Full details are included in our PROSPECTUS so if you don’t already have one please click the button above or give us a call on +44 (0)1903 814 860.

If you are unable to commit to the Diploma Course right now, one way to whet your appetite is to enroll on an intensive Foundation Course. This comprises half a day of human shiatsu and 2 ½ days horse work including a full body treatment. Although it will not qualify you as a practitioner, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance which will enable you to give relaxing shiatsu to your own or a friend’s horse. The next course will be held on 27th, 28th and 29th of April 2018. If you are interested please send us an e-mail at info@schoolofequineshiatsu.com, or use the order form, and you will receive a full Information Pack.

The fee for 3 days is £250 and we will require a £50 deposit to secure your place. Because 50% of students attending this course go on to enroll on the 2-year Diploma Course, we will deduct £100 from your first year fees. And, new for 2017, we are offering students new to the School the opportunity to sit in on a module of the Diploma Course in October. The fee for these 2 days is £170; if you already have a Prospectus, please ask us for an update of the Course Dates & Fees and we will e-mail one to you straight away.

For more information about our course just order a Prospectus and if you would like to see more about our work, you will find a short video on our website.  This was filmed on location at Eastlands Farm, Warninglid, West Sussex during an actual course with input from second year students.


The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

Whilst at Hickstead 4 years ago, I made contact with the two ladies who raise funds for this charity. I was so impressed with the work they were doing in Gambia, raising the awareness of the needs of donkeys and horses, that I promptly decided that we should become sponsors of this charity. As a school, we have always supported a charity group and until further notice, this is now ours! We now sponsor a horse called Phoenix and you can read all about him in the attached document.

The scale of the suffering and ignorance about equines is, from what I have seen, truly staggering. These good people are constantly raising funds to help and these funds are used for buying new bits, harnesses, food, shelter and of course, veterinary care. Many of the animals are now fit and well and returning to work with better educated owners and their families. They now have a School Education Programme and weekly Donkey Club meetings as it is often the children who are the main carers.

The Trust is now around 13 years old and if any of you are interested in their work, or even paying a visit to do Shiatsu, please let me know. They have a visitor lodge in a neighbouring village and always welcome new friends. In any case please visit their web-site and find out what they do: http://www.gambiahorseanddonkey.org.uk

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