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Links to Students’ Sites

The following is a list of some of the students who have qualified with The School of Equine Shiatsu and who have developed their own web-sites:

Jane Clifford was a member of our Silver Group from 2006 through to completing Post Grad in 2009. Jane then undertook a course in human shiatsu with Markus Grasser at the European Shiatsu School (ESS) in Brighton. She now has her own human and equine practice based in Ashington, West Sussex and has also worked with Jill at a day centre for clients with special needs. You can visit Jane at her web-site:


Nick Sanders now runs his own equine learning centre in Brecon. www.rowanoaklivery.co.uk

Maite Gallego is now practicing equine shiatsu in Spain. You can e-mail Maite on gallegomaite@hotmail.com

Lee Imray qualified as an Equine Shiatsu Practitioner in 2017 and is now studying for her Human Practitioner qualification with the European Shiatsu School. Lee has her own website: www.leeimrayshiatsu.co.uk and can be contacted on Lee@leeimrayshiatsu.co.uk


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