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Hi, and welcome to the on-line home of

The School of Equine Shiatsu

Over the past 20 years we have established the School as THE School of Equine Shiatsu with over 250 students attending our Equine Shiatsu Courses from throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. On our website you will find a short video which will show you more information about our therapy work. It was filmed over a 2-day period during an actual course with input from second year students.  Just click the ‘Order a Prospectus’ tab on any page and we will send you a hard copy of the Prospectus or we can email you an electronic copy if you prefer - let us know your preference.

For more information on “What’s New” click here, we have details on the Diploma Course in Equine Shiatsu and a 2-day Equine Shiatsu Foundation Course.  If you are interested in any of these courses don’t hesitate to contact us by telephone or e-mail. We can discuss your specific situation and if appropriate put you in contact with existing students from your part of the World.

Front Leg Stretch

Now is a good time to start planning your equine shiatsu journey. The Foundation Course is just what it says, an intensive introduction to the art of shiatsu and we find that 50% of people who attend this course go on to enrol on the Diploma Course. It gives you a chance to get to know us, and us to know you, and we can keep in contact over the period leading up the start of your course in September.

While you’re on our web-site please take some time to look around, hopefully you will find enough information to help you start your own equine shiatsu journey. We have found that most visitors spend on average 5 minutes with us on-line and we do try to keep the site up-to-date with information on the gentle art of shiatsu for horses.We have links to past students who now run their own practice, and encourage comments from everyone and anyone so please give it a go! Shiatsu for horses is a serious therapy but it’s fun to learn and fun to do.

It’s always good to report success especially where our past students are concerned. Jane Clifford was a member of our Silver Group from 2006 through to completing Post Grad in 2009. Jane then undertook a course in human shiatsu with Markus Grasser at the European Shiatsu School (ESS) in Brighton. She now has her own human and equine practice based in Ashington, West Sussex and has also worked with Jill at a day centre for clients with special needs. You can visit Jane at her web-site:


Jane Horsman was one of our first group of students back in 2003 and she says: “I love the new look website and especially the photos of all the students. It brought back fond memories of the days we spent together learning shiatsu. What a great time we all had!” One of our students is practicing equine shiatsu in Spain, another in Hungary, and I have visited Latvia to demonstrate shiatsu at a major equine conference in Riga. I also have close links with our branch of the school in Croatia. having visited and taught there many times.  They have their own links on this site.

As part of the redesign we’ve come up with a new contact form which will enable you to request information on our courses easily and automatically. If you want to have a chat please give us a call on +44 (0)1903 814 860.That’s all for now, we look forward to hearing from you soon

Jill and Elsa

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